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We offer a full creative service direct to brand specialising in top quality animation and high concept creative content. Let's Get Social!

Build Brand PersonalityCreating campaigns with believable character

Animation ProductionBecause imagination will take you everywhere

Communicate your MessageAnimation entertainment to communicate your message

Inspire through StoryThe best stories are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses

+3k Animation Cumbria

+3k is a creative animation studio specialising in award winning campaigns for its clients and developing its own content and intellectual property.

Based in Cumbria, we maintain a thriving media hub of talent with both remote and in-house teams, utilising our international network of world class industry specialists whilst providing an outlet and training ground to nurture local creatives and rising talent.

+3k Recent Work:

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Client work: Stobart Rail Campaigns

Standard Post with Image

Client work: Virgin Money

Standard Post with Image

Original Concepts & Characters

Standard Post with Image

Animated Loops - great for social media!

Animated Meme

CG Character Animation

Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery
Standard Post with Gallery

Commercial Characters

Animated Meme


Christmas Promos

Animated Meme

Animated Memes

Standard Post with Image


"I am deeply passionate about animation education throughout Cumbria and the North of England and to serve as a creative outlet for local talent. I achieve this through my partnership with the University of Cumbria and as a featured mentor for the National Youth Film Academy." Lou Kneath - CEO

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Digital Animation

2D/Live Action Blends

Client Work: JD Pipes

Animated Meme

Animated Campaigns

Animated Meme

Logo Animation


We work with you to provide a wide range of creative solutions and support for any stage of animation production
Concept Performance

Story Development

We combine your brief with our creative concepts to develop the best solutions to executive your narrative.



Every shot planned to the finest detail to provide a clear vision and tight production planning.

Powerful Performance

Character Design

It's all about appeal. Super heroes, ultra villians and everything in between - appeal is everything.

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Motion Graphics

A striking combination of polished graphic design and animation magic to really bring your style to life.

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Character Animation

Creating emotive, believable character performances with solid, polished body mechanics. The ultimate artform.

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VFX & Compositing

A sophisticated and stylish way to animate or a powerful tool to add those all important finishing touches.

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For branding, character development or infographics, we can illustrate in pretty much any style you fancy.

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Good, clean, visual thinking. For print, online or animation.

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Web sites, apps, social media, interactivity. We can help no matter the platform.

What Clients say?

Stobart Rail commissioned 30 bespoke posters to aid and support a new culture campaign. Working with Lou has been a fantastic experience. Her creativity, imagination and professionalism is inspiring and infectious.
The quality and attention to detail in the posters is incredible. She has turned a simple vision into an amazing reality.

Steve Ferrington, Stobart Group

Lou is one of the most inspirational creatives I have had the pleasure to work with over the past 10yrs.
Her commitment, attention to detail and enthusiasm has resulted in meticulous and accurate results.
Her determination to succeed, pass on her skills and be a mentor for young artists is a credit to the person she is.

Carol Milnes CA Events

It is always a pleasure to work with Lou, she is amazingly creative, truly inspiring and professional. When Lou joins us to deliver guest speaker sessions, she ignites passion and enthusiasm with the audience. Added to this she is genuine in her approach and supportive of those around her.

Sylvia Grainger University of Cumbria

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If you have a vision you want to bring to life we would love to hear from you.
For your animation consultation today contact lou@plus3k.tv or call 07521 295 534.
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